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Director's Message (M.B.A.)

Any serious effort in Management Education is characterized by a unique duality constant, unrelenting change supported by un-wavering fundamentals.
At our Institute, this duality is evidenced on one side by the sheer pace of operational growth and infrastructural expansion and the re-inventions in academic offerings and on the other side by the commitment, honor and endurance of that group of individuals who make up our institutional family.
Our Institute exists in a unique, serene and exceedingly dynamic environment where you would see the change as a daily occurrence.
We encourage and support overall development of our Students and Faculty through programs and projects and events where they are required to re-develop and aggregate the teachings into cohesive course works.
The Institute has plans to expand its horizons by external development, consulting, Industry Interactions and collaborations.
The Masters Program offered in this Institute has included the components catering to Industry exposure through Internships and Summer Projects, Industry related Live Case Studies and Workshops.
In parallel, we also prescribe to practices in Yoga, Spiritual Development, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.
We have plans to introduce Professional Development Programs to further improve the ready acceptance of our Institute-Shivaji University MBA students into the industry.


Dr. Sameer Joshi

PhD in Information Technology in Management

Narayandas Bhawandas Chhabada Institute of Engineering & Technology (M.B.A.)



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