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  • Students should be regular and practical in attending the classes, tutorials and submissions of the term work in various subjects.Term shall not be granted to any student if the progress, conduct and attendance is not satisfactory.
  • Students, if found indulging in anti national activities country to the provision of the Acts and Law enforced by the Government will be liable to be expelled from the Institute without any notice by the Principal.
  • Ragging of Students in any form within or outside the Institute and Hostel is prohibited. Defaulters will be strictly dealt with as per instructions of legal authorities in this matter.
  • Smoking, drinking (alcohol) and use of 'Drugs' is strictly prohibited in the premises of the Institute.
  • Vehicle should be parked only in areas provided for the purpose. The institute accepts no responsibility for their safe custody. Vehicles lodged elsewhere may be confiscated.
  • Any change in the address of the student must be intimated by him her in writing to the institute office immediately.
  • Students must use uniforms of prescribed pattern while working in the Laboratories, Class - room and in the hostel.
  • Students must carry Identity card signed by the Principal and produce the same whenever asked by the Institute Authorities. Without Identity card, students will not be allowed to enter Institute premises.
  • Each student is expected to read the notices put upon the notice board of the Institute. The institute accepts no responsibility for loss of any advantage by student due to his failure to read the notice in time.
  • In case, a student requires to remain absent for some reasons will be required to take the prior permission of the Principal. However the Institute discourages any one to remain absent for whatever reason unless it is an emergency.
  • If any of the statement made in application from or any information supplied by the student in connection with his/her admission is latter on, at any time found to be fuse or incorrect, his/her admission will be canceled, fees forfeited and he/she will be expelled from the Institute by the Principal and prosecuted by Government.
  • A student shall not go to the press or any other publicity media without permission of the Principal.
  • Any damage to the Institute's property, apparatus, furniture, equipment, library book, building etc. must be paid immediately by the student.
  • Each student must attend Social & National events organized by the institute such as 26th January, 5th May and 15th August.
  • Students will be bound by the rules and regulations framed by the Institute by time to time.
  • All the students must attend the classes in decent uniform on all working days. The uniform prescribed is white color for the upper garments and blue color for lower garments.
  • No students will be allowed to upper for the examination unless he / she has paid all his / her dues and completed his/her journals and has satisfactory attendance.
  • Students are expected to behave properly, decently and with the decorum to see that they do not cause any inconvenience to others and to obey the rules and regulations of the Institute in all respects.
  • Loud talking, loitering, smoking congregating in the premises and disturbing the Laboratory and classes is strictly prohibited.
  • If consistent satisfactory progress is not observed, a candidate may be advised to leave the course and his guardian will be informed accordingly. The Principal may remove any student from the roll of the institute for his/her continued absence, misconduct or misbehavior or unsatisfactory progress etc.
  • A student who do not bring the required equipment, or journals etc., may be refused admission to lectures and laboratory and may be marked absent for the day.
  • The attendance of the day will be only given if the students have attended all lectures and practical for the day. A minimum of 75% of attendance in each subject, theory/practical is prescribed by the Board. If the student does not have the minimum of attendance he will not be allowed to appear for the examinations.
  • Failed students will be allowed to appear for the Examination as per the rules laid down by the board of Technical Education, Maharashtra State.
  • It will entirely be the responsibility of parents / guardians to keep themselves closely in touch with the progress of their ward.
  • The students are expected to observe cleanliness in premises at all time.
  • Lunch given in the Institute is not statutory obligation on the part of the Institute.
  • Student are required to accept what is offered as training food.
  • Student will be sent to established hostels for training during the tenure of their study in this institute. No private ODC or food service orders will be taken by student without permission from the principal .The principal may take action against student who in this practice.
  • Student must attend theory class ,practical of the institute and must visit catering establishment and take part in indoor and outdoor catering activities arranged by the institute.
  • All Students must appear for the examination tests and must not absent themselves for any curricular and extra curricular activities without the prior permission of the principal. Such Absence without leave may lead to loss of term work. Since to keep a term, student has to complete, to the satisfaction of the Principal the course of study prescribed to which the student belongs.
  • Vacation training in hostels is compulsory and every student must complete their training satisfactorily, as required in the curriculum.
  • No mobile phone are permitted in the campus. Prior permission of the Principal is required to posses mobile phone in the Institute.
  • The Institute reserves the right to remove name of any students from the roll due to
    a) failure to pay college fee in time. b) Failure to come up to prescribed standard. c) Unsatisfactory conduct.
  • The Institute reserves right to refuse admission/registration at his own discretion to any student at the beginning of any academic semester, for reason of his/her behaving in a manner subversive to discipline or for any grave misconduct and whose behavior in the institute.


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